HafaDaze AutoFiesta 2 Coverage [Part 3]

May 1, 2014 9:15 pm

In case you’re just tuning in… we’re on Part 3 of AutoFiesta 2 coverage… In case you missed the previous updates here they are:

We had some beautiful looking trophies up for grabs this year… way better than the plaques that winners got last year! lol

Getting right into it… Robert Delos Reyes’ Lexus GS430 from Made to Excite/Passion VIP set up near Opake, Vape Junction, and Car Audio Image…

Just an overall beautiful build… Think I’ve said this before but the builds from MTX/Car Audio Image are always of the highest quality; If someone took this build and plugged into a stateside car show, it could probably run with them, with no problems…

A shot of the RC drift exhibition put together by Del Nucum and other RC enthusiasts.

Quick snap of Karl Dela Cruz’s Nissan 350Z also representing Made to Excite and Passion VIP…  He ended up taking home 2nd place in the 2door category.

Jimmy Tsang’s immaculate Integra build… Only thing I’d probably change would be the Enkei RPF1s… yea them again… not that anything is wrong with them. Some classic wheels like TE37s or Spoon SW388s would be perfect on there…. Or Regamasters. 😉

Truly immaculate… Look at the white plastic mount for the hood prop.. Brand new. Jimmy took home 2nd place in the JDM category, just behind Tom Akigami’s Rocket Bunny 180SX which you saw briefly on part 2 of our coverage.

Another one of Jimmy’s cars… this time a Mitsubishi Evolution X… Must… be… nice…

Clean and simple Team Ghost Civic hatch…

and another Civic hatch from Team Ghost.

Jasper Leong’s Integra from Team Exile was looking good at AF2…

as was Jon Flores’ Scion TC from Menace 2 Society.

“Eloy the Prodigy” with his Subaru BRZ… The only one at the show.

Mark Deras’ Nissan S14.5 of FatlaceTV fame…

Another look at Abunai~Jimbo’s RX7 posted up right in front of the LocalSteez booth.

Manny’s slammed Zenki-faced 240… just starting to memorize these Nissan terms. haha

Dennis Manzon’s custom floraled XB by Opake.

Garret Sevilla’s Tacoma with a slick matte gunmetal gray paintjob… Really sweet. I must say that his truck has come a long way since I first saw it before last year’s AutoFiesta; He ended up taking home 2nd place in the Truck/Jeep category.

Ray Santos’ clean Napz…

Ending tonight’s short coverage with AutoFiesta veteran, Ricky Crumley, who took home 1st place honors in the Truck/Jeep category.

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We’ll be right back with more…Stay tuned!

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  • Class of '87 Sanchez HS

    What happened to the mini truck scene on Guam? I remember being there in high school from ’83-’87 when the first convertible Nissan 720 arrived. WOW!!!!

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