OKGU: The Return of the Kings…

December 9, 2014 8:11 pm

Guam’s finest car builders once again turned out to support Fatlace’s second car showcase on our island – Offset Kings Guam dubbed OKGU. Produced by Upshiftent and ANFilms, the excitement going into the event was at an all time high as the buzz around the community was that numerous cars were going to “break out” and hope to take home the crown of Offset King’s Best of Show.

The perfect example of this was Manny Aquino’s Airrex-equipped Lexus LS460 sitting on 21″Aimgain GLuxe air-freighted overnight parts from Japan… from Dennis VipdOut. lol. Felix~Fatlace said it himself… VIP enthusiasts came out hard this year!

Though it seemed as if VIP enthusiasts dominated the show, OKGU welcomed all makes and models… Here you see the staging line. Looks like Team Rev on the left and ToyzRUs on the right…

A different look at all the cars staged in the oval… Looked pretty similar to last year’s line up at Slammed Society – but it got a little messy at the back end near the Tunu/food vendor tents. Can’t blame the stagers though, getting all those cars straight and even is harder than cutting down an ifit tree with a butter knife. Those who were at the event would understand… spacing was slightly off which resulted in cars being bunched together with very little space to work with. It was a tight fit for our guest photographers to get some clean shots.

Speaking of guest photogs – here’s Jed’s TSX on Vossens… Big thank you to him for providing us shots for this first round of coverage.

Posted up next to Jed was his girlfriend, Teah, and her cleanly modded Camry. There were quite a few female owners at OKGU… Maybe someone should bring back the best female-owned car award at a future show?

Some of the ToyzRUs car crew…

If there’s a car event on Guam, you can always count on TRUSport to come out and rep hard.

Quick shot of PassionVIP… or VipdOut… or LexusOwnersofGuam? lol… Had a chat with various people throughout the night about how car clubs and the interactions between them have changed so much over the past few years. There was once a time when crews would remain secretive and would never let others know what was going to be brought out to the show. Now we got good friends, pari’s, co-workers, sidescams, all in the same/different crew working together on the same project. Love seeing that… Uniting Enthusiasts… it’s what we do. Hashtag hafadazeguam on IG, par.

Nate Valencia’s LS430 getting “Made” over… Get it? PassionVIP/MTX… Been following what he’s been doing to it… and he definitely made all the right moves this time around. Trunk/interior all set-up… and those Leon Hardiritt Ordens… oh my goodness.  Super sick build, definitely one of my favorites of the show.

Along with the car showcase, a whole bunch of other stuff was going on… Like the Opake graffiti competition.

Don’t ask me about these… all I know is fat cap and Krylon… oh and wonder wash caps that people used to steal at Bunny Market in Dededo. lol

Master DJ Sylnt provided beats for the first leg of the event…

A whole bunch of Guam’s best b-boys came out to represent… When the battles were all said an done, Funk You crew came as the victors.

Shot of our mini-booth along with the homies from Canvas Vapery… Thanks to everyone who stopped by and grabbed some gear. You guys are awesome! We only had a handful of shirts left before the sun went down and were sold out by the end of the night. Stickers, shirts, frames… all gone! Scroll down to the very bottom of this post for more info on how you can grab gear in case you missed out…

Kreemxbutter and Vape Junction’s booth with Bobby Abat’s  H2B EG hatch posted up… Wish I still had hair so I could pull off some of those fancy haircuts everyone has nowadays (srsly).

Pretty clean CRZ from Team Exile…

Also from Team Exile was this S14… think he ended up winning 3rd place in the Slammed category.

#ERMAHGERD Miata took home 1st placed in the Slammed category…

Jasper’s ITR powered Integra… Another one of my favorite builds at OKGU. I can always appreciate a cleanly done Honda on some legit Volk TE37s. Nice job man.

Brandon Dorion’s chameleon colored S14 from Murder Squad…

Toby’s S2K from Ill Dynasty… Clean and simple – rims pop so much more in person.

Tony Maldonado’s “started as a DX now we here” Civic – another build I was excited to see. He went from a CTR-look and completely redid everything…from a 5lug to 4 and CTR to SIR interior… and yellow to champagne… and Spoon SW388s to Desmond Regamasters… I probably would have went with a different front bumper – but you got to appreciate all the hard work he’s done.

Ending tonight’s coverage with a lineup from one of the hardest hitting crews, MTX… More to come with part 2… Stay tuned!

If you missed the show and weren’t able to get some gear, we finally have some available for purchase online!!!

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