SAxLS Chillin&Grillin’ II

September 8, 2013 10:17 am

Hafa adai all! We’re sorry for the super duper Guam time update, but better late than never right? Stance Appeal, in collaboration with Local Steez threw down Chillin/Grillin II over the summer break. While the event did run into some speed bumps (inclement weather and a venue change) the homies still pulled through… check out some of our coverage:

Been seeing quite a few cars on the road running the older Team REV decals… was kinda curious so I asked one of the guys about it. He told me that they were undergoing a full revamp and recruiting session. Nice to see more clubs out there!

While the turnout wasn’t as big as last summer’s, there still were many quality rides that came out. Here you see a group of Team Abunai’s infamous street sweepers and Jomarie’s Tiffany-esque 240.

Here’s a ride that I haven’t seen in awhile… R.Tano’s Civic sedan, representing TRU Sport, fitted on some SSRs.

Back view… I can always dig a sedan done up right.

Josh Ninete’s FRS from Team Proline.

Rex and the Stance Appeal crew had a bunch of gear out for sale… Check them out on Facebook if you’re interested in picking something up.

Roswell’s 240 and Ron’s RX7 chillin’ up near the oval.

Limited edition Hafadaze x Abunai decal. haha!

Chillin/Grillin II also had some drifting going on… here you see some of them prepping for some runs.

Jimbo’s RX7 sitting pretty. In the background you can see Rowell flying down the dirt track on his Ruckus.

Another shot of Jimbo’s RX7… also on SSRs.

While Chillin/Grillin’ didn’t turn out to be as big as last year’s – it definitely was a step in the right direction. There was a nice showcase of show quality cars and at the same time track cars burning some rubber. Much love and props to the all the guys who made this event possible – Stance Appeal, Local Steez, Drift Guam, DRAG, etc. In the coming months you’ll be seeing and hearing about a similar event that will take place at this same venue and in similar fashion… Trust us, you won’t want to miss it! Stay tuned!


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