Forget What You Had Planned for Halloween, Brahhh

October 12, 2011 10:55 pm

First of all on behalf of all of us @ we would like to extend our biggest heartfelt thank-yous to everyone who participated in our past three GU’Nitez meets. All three meets have been extremely successful and far beyond our expectations, and for that, you all are awesome.

Moving on to bigger things, by now you should know that we’ve pressed PAUSE as we take a break, regroup and come back with a bang. This is not the END of GU’Nitez, rather just some time to chill and get everyone excited for the next. WHICH by the way:

MONDAY OCTOBER 31st! This Halloween, trick out your ride and treat it to something BIG. As details unfold on our end, we can only tell you that something BIG is coming, and it’s probably something you’re gonna wanna be at. Save the date, stay tuned in to, start a rumor, whisper it into your chick’s ear.


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