The GU’NITEZ Round 2 (Part 1)

October 6, 2011 7:00 pm

This past Wednesday, we were back for Round 2 of the GU’NITEZ. The event was getting lots of publicity, thanks to word of mouth, social media, and of course our second feature in the Guam PDN’s Cruising. We can’t thank you guys enough for coming out to the event. Despite what people may have heard, we are not receiving any monetary benefit for holding this meet. The event was specifically created to bring the Guahan car community together, which we believe has been a success so far. We do have bigger plans in which we’ll share with you guys in the coming future. 😉

The weather wasn’t looking so good on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I was getting texts all day asking if the meet was still going to go on. I was playing weatherman with our Facebook page, providing updates every couple of hours. Thankfully, mother nature was on our side and the sky stayed clear from the start to the end of the meet. We were running a bit “late” Wednesday night. We arrived at Paul’s Plaza at almost 7:30 and as we were pulling in – I gotta admit – I felt my stomach rumble a bit. It wasn’t because of the Mr. Browns I drank earlier in the day – it was because the parking lot was already almost full! Success!

Anyway, we have soooooooooo many pictures (as I promised before), it ain’t even funny. The pics on this particular update will be from my camera which happen to be mostly photos of cars that rolled through. The “pro” pics and people pics by IRWN and ALX should be coming out as soon as they get done processing them.

This RX7 was the first car I noticed… Maybe because we don’t see these things on Guam’s roads all that often.

Ben rolling in with Team Abunai.

Jimmy’s Supermade kitted and now SR20 powered 240. He’s made so many combo-breakin’ changes the past 6 months. Definitely one of the sickest Nissans on island!

These things pull a premium before Race Wars…

Thanks to the homie Carlos for providing us with music for the night…

…and the cell-phone charging station.

Shot of the The Great Bambabino’s Integra. Those Regamasters look real familiar. hmm 😛

This particular parking spot is probably the best photo-op space in the lot. You’ll see what I mean in a bit…

CRX-throwback. I love seeing cars like this. Of course they have to be taken care of and cleanly done like this one. Love the Octane front bumper. No, I’m not being sarcastic!

Lots of scrapin’ that night.

Cleanly done Integra from Ill Dynasty.

TCs can look really good when given the right mods.

M2S~Nino’s Cube. He’s been posting up some really nice videos on his Facebook recently. He told me last night that he would be putting one out for the meet. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Saw this right hand drive Civic a couple of days ago cruising in Yigo and was pleased to see it show up to the meet. Too bad Paul Walker’s cousins ruined the picture.

Nicely done S2K owned by “Killawhale.” You can see JME practicing how to use binoculars for his binadu hunting session later that night.

MTX old skoolin’ at the best spot…

Jung parked on… you guessed it… the best spot. Lighting here is on point.

Scooters rolling through.

Another 240 from Team Abunai.

Ending Part 1 of the coverage with this turbo-charged Miata. Similar to the Evo from last week, he made the trek down to Guam all the way from a state further than Ohio… Connecticut homie! 😛

Still got plenty of pics and commentary to post up, so stay tuned for Part 2 of the coverage…


  • Abunai

    Good times! probably bring my other 240 for the next meet lol hard times getting over those speed bumps with my “black chick” haha

  • Joe – thanks for coming out mang. See you next time!

    Carlos – shoot sounds good fro, you got any jams that can make your tweeters pop? lol

    Phil – Yea bro, Bambabino! Cheap ass slips… hahaha

  • philliam

    “The Great Bambabino”?… aw shucks, (the famous DG discription of the regas) “the white slipstreams”; I’ve always told myself that I’d get my hands ’em someday.

  • carlos villagomez

    That night was my first night there and it was well controlled and good vibe, ill try to bring more music next time so I can let my cube play all night!

  • Joe Eschert

    Nice photos. I had fun last night. Thats my miata and i know its dirty as hell, but some how you made it look very clean thanks. Im looking forward to the next meet.

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