REAL SI – Tony’s Rebuilt Civic SI

June 29, 2013 9:12 pm

One can always appreciate a ride that someone has truly built as “theirs.” Tony Maldonado’s Civic SI is a perfect example of a ground up build. When Tony first picked this Civic up almost 2 years ago, it was ummm… well, let’s just say that it looked like someone was using it as a ranch car. The car had been through numerous owners – none of them coveting it as much as he did. He found the car for sale on Micronesia Craigslist and he knew it would be the perfect car to start up with as he landed on Guam flying in from New York. Looking at his name, you might be confused like your nana who wants to make a Facebook account. Tony isn’t a local boy. He’s in the Air Force, stationed on Guam for the next couple of years. He admits that he didn’t know much about Guam before getting his orders here – but like many who have passed through – has fallen in love with the island and is looking to extend his tour here. That’s the Hafa Adai Spirit che’lu!

Upon landing on Guam’s red red dirt, Tony wasted no time getting to work on his Civic. His interior is actually in great condition… and complete, a rarity with the late 90-early 2000 Hondas. All the interior panels and whatnot are in there. It doesn’t look like a hot chick who smiles and then you notice she’s doffe. lol. It’s not in the pics, but he has SIR door panels and CTR red carpet which complement the new clover green paint job he had done at Gajo and Sons. Yes, clover green… Was pretty shocked at the color choice (this is that stock green you see on the 96-00 Civic sedans), but it works perfectly!

Outside, you’ll find Tony’s Civic sitting on some 16×7 +32 Enkei RPFs bolted on to his CTR 5 lug conversion with some Project Kicks neochrome lugnuts. On the day we met up with Tony, he was 4x4in’ on Tein drop springs but has since installed some Skunk2 coilover sleeves mated to Koni Yellow shocks. Behind those wheels you’ll find some Brembo blank rotors.

This Civic was a full restoration project for Tony and he made sure that he had all his bases covered – especially in the engine bay. He rebuilt the motor and gave it some Maldonado love. He went all in and opted for a wire-tuck – relocating the battery/fusebox, goodbye powersteering, and goodbye aircon (leche!) To add more to his build, he installed some bolt-ons like the Injen cold-air intake, PLM 4-1 header, and a Mishimoto radiator with matching hoses. So how’s this New York guy surviving with no A/C on Guam? “I’m cherry…” Well – he’s not a local boy, but is an island boy – originally being from Puerto Rico! No wonder why he can daily drive his Civic with no AC… Overall, a really clean bay; look at the hood prop rod retainer… brand new, bro.

A closer look at the PLM header and the custom hydro-dipped “wood grain” valve cover.

Tony chose to add some race flair to the otherwise simple exterior by having this customized Thermal R&D side exit exhaust.

Rear shot of Tony’s “real” Civic SI. Clever! A real turn-around considering that he got this car with only half of the tail lights there… Yea, his trunk was shaved more than his engine bay.

A couple of days after the shoot, he mesesaged me some updated pics of his Civic with the fender gap killed; it looked so much much better. When asked what his future plans were, Tony mentioned that his car is always a work in progress. He hopes to have an H2B swap in by the end of the year and also hopes to bring out his car to more meets (like the upcoming Stance Appeal Chillin/Grillin) and shows. If you ever run into him, so be sure to say what’s up. He’d also like to give thanks and a Hafa Adai to his brother Luis, his good friend Adrian R., and to Britney.


To view the full size pictures of Tony’s Civic SI, please check out our Flickr page. >>>>


  • Journey Beltran

    I agree with Anton, im really diggin that exhaust and valve cover. Those are things you dont see everyday.
    Those damn B’s look so CLEAN when they’re naked!

  • Antonio Maldonado

    Thanks Anton for the kind words, and for Hafadaze for shooting my car!

  • Anton Ngata

    Nice build Tony. Love the valve cover and really digging that side exhaust – the variety and choices of parts are what sets this apart from other Hondas in Island. Good job.

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