The first GU’NITEZ! Part 2…

September 30, 2011 5:21 pm

If you’re just joining us, this is part 2 of the first ever Hafadaze GU’NITEZ that was held last Wednesday at the Paul’s Plaza parking lot at the “ITC-X.” I’m gonna go ahead and say it, we coined that phrase for the ITC intersection. So if it starts becoming the new “fetch,” you heard it here first. 😉

We were all truly blessed with cooperative weather that night. There were two 2-3 minute sprinkles, but nothing that hurt the meet at all. The rain fell pretty hard around 9:45 when things were starting to die down – it was the signal that it was time for everyone to go home and take care of their kids or get into bed to prepare for work. 😛

As I was roaming around the parking lot, I stumbled upon the old RevTV RSX. I’ve always loved what Nate Denight did with this car. It had nothing but quality parts on it. As you can see in the pic, it still has the expensive as hell wind tunnel tested Mugen front bumper. I believe it has a new owner now, looking forward to see what he does with it.

Right across the RSX was Charley Mendoza’s completely redone Acura Integra. His name is forever attached to Guam car shows as the builds on his Integra have always been top-notch. This recent reincarnation is no exception. I have never met him before, but I’ve seen this car go through many, many changes since the Island Import Night shows. I was trying to look for him but never got the chance to meet him… Hopefully he rolls out again to our future meets.

RTHR and I caught up with Drew from Car Audio Image. RTHR was able to convince him to trade 5 Hafadaze stickers for a copy of his remix of Adele’s song – which he named “Nevermind I’ll Find Someone Like Drew.”

Rohanna chillen with some event-goers.

At first I was like….

and then I lol’ed. The food truck craze is here! Yardy’s x Hafadaze. Yehee!

Some scooters made it out as well. Check out that cherry paint job.

At the peak of the meet we literally took EVERY single spot in the parking lot. Some were parking in front of others, creating their own spot… parking diagonal and squeezing in. Here’s the view of the left side. You can see the TRU Sport boyz in the back wearing green and ispy some Team Abunai cars as well. Shoutouts to the two black Toyota trucks in the mix as well. I believe they were from the “Nihi Ta Fan Cruise” group.

Mid shot with MTX and friends. That middle empty space was the spot we used to take a group photo shot of all event-goers by Vlad Navasca for the Guam PDN. I was able to take a quick look at it and it looked dope! Hopefully it gets out next Tuesday on Cruising.

Right side view. M2S, L2P, Rivalz, Mitsuclub, Guaranteed, Ill Dynasty up on Pat’s old warehouse, + solos… all in the mix.

I’m pretty sure there were many more event-goers that I failed to mention. If I did, I apologize as I was just so busy roaming around and trying to play senator. Once again, thanks to Toyz R Us, Made to Excite, Menace 2 Society, Team Abunai, Guaranteed, Ill Dynasty, Lowered 2 Perfection,Team Ghost, Team Rivalz, Mitsuclubguam, all the guys/gals with no club affiliation, the random guy with gasoline jugs in the bed of his truck who came by and thought that Yardy’s was giving free tacos, Joser and John from Long Live Clothing Company, Courtney, Curt, Zach, and the rest of the Yardy’s crew. Si yu’uos ma’ase!

Last pic of the first ever GU’NITEZ meet.

Like I said in the previous update, we weren’t able to take so many pics of the cars at the meet so hopefully others have some. If you do, please tag us on Facebook! I promise that I’ll have way more pics next time around. Don’t forget to keep checking back here for more info on the next GU’NITEZ! Shoooooooooooooot!


  • RaySIR702

    great job guys keep it up, it will get bigger.

  • Josh Bernardo

    whoo hoo our group got recognized. yea when we got there we felt like the outcast cause we were like the first and only two trucks. but its all good we had a good time saw some nice rides and had fun cant wait till the next one!!!

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