August 12, 2017 11:57 am

I’m pretty sure you all have gotten word that the new CTRs have landed and are awaiting their first owners. You might also be aware of the many reviews and opinions of them. This will not be the time nor the place to get into a discussion of why you should or shouldn’t give the dearler four-million pennies, but we do have something pretty relevant.

Today, you will get to see a car that has established a greater appreciation and acceptance by the Honda world. Today’s feature car is also just as clean as any other car you would see at a Honda dealership- James Fleming’s 2003 Integra Type R.


HFDZ.DC5Yes, you read that correctly- Integra Type R.

James Fleming has pretty much become a household name to local car culture, and more particularly our site. If it hasn’t been mentioned by us before, James has always been involved with the scene. Since car show infancy, he was already committed to Saipan’s Exotic Minis and their lowrider fame. Just like the DC5’s spec sheet, the list would go on forever if we were to name all the projects he has been a part of.  As the scene shifted, his builds followed through and this is where our interests found common place.

HFDZ.DC5We have already featured two of his previous builds, an EK9 clone and a DC2 clone. So, upon finally seeing the DC5 at Battle Showcase earlier this year, I had actually made the assumption that the car was yet another project following in his trend of meticulously assembled clones. I remember even asking him if he did the sunroof delete or roof swap himself, smh.


Originally equipped with black Recaros and other matching interior pieces, James decided to replace them with the reds to bring out more of that Type R flare.

HFDZ.DC5When I had asked him about his roof and he informed me that I was standing in the presence of a real ITR, he had pointed out the minor details that would give away it’s true identity. One of which can be seen in the pic above. See if you can spot it for yourself.

HFDZ.DC5A little touch of modern with the Honda Access DC5R engine start button.



HFDZ.DC5What’s a Type R without Spoon?

HFDZ.DC5Toda runners that eventually mate themselves to a Mugen Twin-Loop catback.

HFDZ.DC5When was the last time you saw one of these? In the exact location it was mounted on by the factory, on the exact chassis it came with. You know, I could say I was half correct when I assumed that this car was just another replica build. James’s initial plan for this car was in the same likes as his earlier Type R chassis, which was turned into a parts car. He has another DC5 in Type S trim that was supposed to be the recipient of the grail you see before you today. And that car was ready, just lacking all the Type R guts you see in these pics. But, as plans turnout, the decision to save the R to experience asphalt once again, served to be the victor. It’s actually a win-win.  The Type S is now a complete ITR inspired daily, and the Type R has been reassured a long and beautiful future ahead of it.

HFDZ.DC5Probably my favorite part of the car. And no, not because of the K-series or Spoon accessories. Pretty sure James would agree if I said there is no better feeling than knowing that you have abolished every bit of dirt and grime from the premises.

HFDZ.DC5#jdmitr #teamexotic #xsquad #saipan #hafaadai

HFDZ.DC5Hellaflus.. Jk. Candy red Work D9R, Brembo red Brembo brakes, and appropriate fitment.

HFDZ.DC5If you were to identify a recurring theme throughout this car, cleanliness would definitely be it.
John Borja of Car Audio Image knocked it out of the park with this stealthy JBL trunk set-up. And trust me when I say the aesthetics run parallel to its performance, Bruno Mars would be impressed with how clear and crisp Versace can play out of this system. Klaru af!

HFDZ.DC5Aaah NH0.. Flawlessly laid by ABM Auto in Saipan. I’ve already had two of my previous Integras sprayed in Championship White, and this isn’t making it any easier to try a different color for my current project.

James usually has his cars make their rounds at Guam’s major car shows, but since it has participated in a few local events already this season, the car is back in the 670, which it calls home.


Thank you! And thanks again to the madman behind the lens, Myer Basilio!

Shooooooot.. them missiles out of the sky!


PS: Slammed Society 2017 at the Dededo Flea Market, September 23.

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