February 5, 2017 3:40 pm

Hey guys! It’s been awhile — Just wanted to check back in and let you guys know we’re alive! Thank you to all who came through and caught the HFDZ framez restock! There will be another drop in a little bit in case you missed it! Much love to Myer Basilio aka @admyerphotos or covering this slick 1997 Toyota Tacoma owned by Norman Soriano…

Us Guamanians build some of the best looking mini-trucks in the world… and Norman’s self-coined “KILLA KREAM” Tacoma is another fine example!

With a build time of around six months, Norman transformed his once daily driver  into a weekend head-turning cruiser sitting on them XXR521s…

Nothing too flashy from the front, just some refreshed lights and a sweet cream paint job from his Autohaus homies.

From the back, there’s some more noticeable, but subtle mods like the shaved tail gate handle… and par, is that a flex-thru “butterly” window? And is that sunroof on your truck, par? “CHET YA” it is prim…

Norman is a lowkey kinda guy… So when asked about his suspension mods… his reply was no-nonsense, “slammed…”

Good answer breh… Cassh him ousside how bow dah…

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