August 6, 2016 10:00 am

The Proline End of Summer meet made its way for the second time around last Saturday at the Agana Shopping Center. I definitely didn’t want to miss this one. Summer was coming to an end, and for those in the education system especially, closing it out with out of the ordinary activities is a must. Plus, I stayed on-island this year so homies know there are times I would get bored “af” and needed something like this lol. Well, it was fairly hot at the meet, you really can’t be too picky with Guam weather, but it was still pretty fun. We’re glad Rex and his sponsors, Proline and Autospot, were able to bring us back to this clean, well-lit, ample spaced parking lot for EOS2. It was nice to have that change of scenery for car gatherings altogether.


In the old days, meets were held throughout the year to ease the anticipation of mainstream car shows and other popular events, or just because long awaited car themed bbqs were in order. Today, it is almost a standard that meets come equipped with jamming sound systems, raffles and giveaways. No shots of the setup here, but the EOS crew pulled out all the tricks with an extravagant stage and lighting display, and models! A low-key car show pretty much haha. Anyway, enjoy the pics from photog regular Myer Basilio!



Gotta start coverage with this guy, Rex Deseo, EOS bossman. Take a good look because you won’t see the RB swapped 240 looking this way again as a facelift is on the rise.

EOSII-24Mark Deras of the EOS crew and his Strawberry face always supporting everything we’re involved in.

EOSII-23Matt from Autospot and his beasty Evo on fluorescent Gram Lights.

EOSII-8The Proline Forester looking hella g!

EOSII-13Long time car enthusiast and videography extraordinaire Anton Ngata making proper moves on his son Mason’s FRS.

EOSII-133And Myk Carganilla doing the same with his son Dre’s Altima!?

EOSII-56Some BTS with Brandon from FPS Photo Video. If you haven’t seen their EOS2 video yet, check the link down below.

EOSII-27Can’t go wrong with some JP Scaras.

EOSII-22Team Exile crew shot.

EOSII-43EOSII-96Finesse drifter Ron Avelino’s custom widebody Miata. This was right before he started spitting flames big enough to roast marshmallows on.

EOSII-159I know what SSRs are, but had to Google what “shake junt” was. Thought it was new drift lingo and didn’t want to get left behind. I should’ve known that it was just a skate brand.

EOSII-44One of James Arki’s many toys. I remember this thing at Smoking Wheels pulling low 13s all night! It was practically knocking on twelves, if he hasn’t opened that door already. Motivation material for sure.

EOSII-129Another track regular, Anthony Unchangco’s IS of Made to Excite’s Passion Projects.

EOSII-131MTX~Markster’s FRS. Markster is fairly new to the scene, not an OG at least, but he has surely made some noise. He’s taken home some awards with the car and is also the founder of the TFTI meets, all while holding MTX car club’s presidency. The cool thing about Mark, which seems kind of rare to find in enthusiasts these days, is his admiration of the of the ways of the older generation. He constantly tells me how he wishes he was playing with cars when we were still active, or even bring back the good old days. It’s refreshing to hear because even my friends know that I love digging for roots. So, props to Markster! Keep an eye out for the car because he’s literally just getting started.

EOSII-87One mint EM1. I am sure the owner gets a lot of inquiries for this car because it is just that desirable. Imagine a stock everything 99-00 Si, holy grail no doubt. I also just found out who the owner was and he’s been a follower of the scene for quite some time. So if you want to see some clean local Hondas, follow him back at @jowell_em1.

EOSII-120Here is an example of Hondas you might find on his Gram. My mode of transportation for the night, Journey Beltran’s GPW AP2 and Novelle Rosello’s H22 Coupe. I’m gonna do my best to persuade Journ to keep the S in the pristine condition it is already in. But if you know the guy, he did get a bit freaky with his last F-series, so that might be a hard task to take on.

EOSII-151JRMZ’s Head Turning S2000.

EOS was a meet open to all makes and models, so there was a piece of something from every genre found on Guam.

EOSII-37EOSII-18Even though the meet and show scene is dominated by Japanese imports, the VW guys always make it a point to come out and support. After all, we are all out here representing the same cause, cars and Guam! #unitingenthusiasts

EOSII-124The things I would do to this bus.. Had to make sure that I used the right preposition for that last sentence lol.

EOSII-105Ah. I need more Ch. 10 and Tank Farm in my life.

EOSII-165EOSII-163What would an island meet be without our mini trucks.

EOSII-79Love the old school flavor on this Hilux.

EOSII-125Here comes the 90s Auto Jam memories!

EOSII-71Speaking of memories, can any 90s babies recall what car this once was?


EOSII-187More muscle. MTX~Nate probably probably flexing about his trips around the world in search of the rarest of Pokemons.


EOSII-175Another clean Lexus, in my favorite version of it. Follow @will_for_real_so_whats_the_deal for the best photo-op locations.


EOSII-173Models. #artquejadoapproved

EOSII-183Like I said, something from every genre..

EOSII-193Concluding EOS2 coverage here with a paparazzi shot of Marvin Delos Santos’s ISweeetnes. Thanks to all who made this event happen and thanks for reading! Thanks for the photos, Myer, you da shii!


And here is the link of the video coverage from the boys over at FPS Photo & Video. Don’t blink, you might miss my frame of fame!



PS: Don’t forget to hit up our bigcartel for stickers while we still have them. And also, in the near future, you might want to visit the storefront again for an item you just might want, maybe…

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