Born in GU, raised in CA – Alvin’s 3IS… Sugoi!

April 14, 2016 10:07 pm

With the big return of Showoff Guam this weekend, I can bet many of the island’s best car builders are putting the finishing touches on their rides. The show scene has become pretty live again with local enthusiasts shelling out some serious cash in their home grown projects… As we’ve said many times before, Guam car owners know how to build and execute — and many times their builds look like they can rival some of the best builds around the world. There isn’t a set way to work on your car… some people collect parts and “slap” all of their goodies on at once; Others choose to buy parts along the way and work on their build in phases. In the end, it doesn’t really matter – as long as you enjoyed the process and are happy with what you have created.

Guam car guys know people with the cars they own and the parts that were sold around… “Hey you see that black GS300… who owns that now? So and so…” “Hey, remember that Civic with the TE37s…? Yea, so and so has it now and the rims are on that black Integra.” Yea well Alvin’s line is “Hey remember that Lexus IS350 with weird stickers at St. John’s… I think a young dude owns it.” lol…

Anyway, Alvin Qu is one of those  guys who went with the build-phases route… After about $11,000 in mods and upgrades, his ride continues to evolve as time goes on. Where’d he get all that mula you say? He worked his butt off with part-time jobs and saved money by eating free at his buddy Ryu’s resto. haha!

I remember when this car was on Guam — and to be honest I didn’t think it looked all that great at first. The body style for this gen IS looked a little weird and I thought the previous body style (ahem, AJ Fire, Will soul for real what the deal, ahem) was supreme. But what Alvin has done to it makes me take my words back…

Alvin’s 3IS is sitting on 19″ Work Emotion CR2Ps… he recently put this baby on air with Air-Force struts/bags paired with Air Lift 3H+3P management…

No that’s no Guam in the background, and yes Alvin and his car are originally from Guam… Alvin recently packed up his wardrobe consisting of Macy’s and Ross outfits, his collection of Chamorro chip cookies and Tita’s guyuria, and of course his 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport over to California for college.

I love what he did with the subtle, but menacing exterior — with the gloss black tinted headlights/taillights and the 3M blacked out roof…I remember those were some of the mods he started out with back when he was still having to deal with the traffic in Upper Tumon.. Add that to the when in California install of liddu bit carbon fiber here and there with the Seibon front lip, Seibon side skirts, and Skipper Japan rear diffuser – and his exterior is on point.

When he isn’t attending classes at Cornell University or selling Beats headphones at Best Buy, he likes to take pics and/or get pics take of his car… Follow him on on Instagram: @alvinq

Alvin has on there a custom 2.5″ Catback Exhaust with quad Magnaflow exhaust tips, Greddy axle-back test pipes and a Tsudo catless midpipe/downpipe… Yea this car is from Guam. lol Oh yea, needs HFDZ license plate frame… 😉

Ahhh… California. I can smell the air just looking at this pic…

While this car might probably never be seen on Guam’s roads again, it’s always a pleasure to have our stateside Guam family share their passion and hard work here on HFDZ. Uniting Enthusiasts… it’s what we do.

Special thanks to Daniel Bronshteyn for providing us coverage from our stateside Guam brother.  See all the pics on our FLICKR.


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