The Aftermath of Offset Kings Guam 2016 (Part Tres)

January 13, 2016 9:21 pm

If you’re just joining us now, be sure to catch up on Part Uno and Part Dos of the coverage… Let’s just jump right into Part Tres!

Offset Kings Guam wasn’t just a car showcase – it had lots of other things to do and see – including the drift exhibition, Opake Can Control competition… and a plethora of booths to see including this one from LVJMOB/Vape Junction…

Oh yea, there were chicks too… lol… I’m pretty sure you can IG stalk them so I’ll just get straight into the cars…

Ben’s bagged Accord on Infinitewerks wheels representing Team Guaranteed… Take note of those spiked lugnuts – seems like it’s the new thing for us here as a whole bunch of cars had ’em..

Also from Team Guaranteed, Marvin’s famed Lexus IS250 sitting on Dubai gold-faced VIP Modulars took home the Best Lexus award… Such a neckbreaker.

Another Lexus IS… this one from L2P~Anthony… Really well-rounded build from L2P/Passion Projects/Car Audio Image.

And another Lexus IS…

L2P~Dennis debuted his ride at OKGU… First met this dude back in the at the X5 shows years ago when he was building an Integra; Caught up with him at the gym parking lot recently with a pretty stockish looking black GS and he told me about his plans to give it a makeover… Not too shabby of a turn out!

Nice looking Integra, also from L2P… Pretty sure it took home an award… forgot what it was though…

EG Hatch also from L2P… Kinda nice to see these guys come out in strong numbers again. If you still follow the Honda scene, L2P’s Japan chapter has gained lots of notoriety… even with the stateside community… recently with their well executed builds. Just find it cool that there’s a group in Japan with Guam roots.

Pretty cool Camry build that took home Best Toyota of the show… Even though it’s a “Camry”… these cars are actually pretty luxurious and Lexus-like nowadays.

Another Camry on Vossens… Jed’s chick’s car, par.

What’s a Guam car show without Team Abunai?

Civic SI on Enkei NT03s from Toyz R Us…

Hella-stretched tires on this Sentra also from Toyz R Us… I was trying to make out what it says on the panel mirror… Is that Ballin on a Budget or Balding on a Budget?

Another Sentra from Team Rev… With the HFDZ teal going on… Didn’t get to see this one up close but it looks like they painted the bay to match up the wheels.

And another! Probably my favorite out of the three…

Interesting style on this Corolla… Feel like I’m being cussed out with the banners doe… lol

H2B-swapped drag style Integra…

Simple FRS on what I think are Whistler wheels…

Here’s another one of my favorite builds of the show.. Jasper’s Integra, which took home 3rd Place JDM. I’ve watched how he’s built this car over the years and he’s done it up with some nice choice of parts. What’s even better is that it isn’t a just a car for show… He blasts this thing on the auto-x track as well.

OKGU showcased all types of cars… Not just imports… Here’s an olive green VW bug. I wish I could tell you more, but then I’d be pretending…

Another one… this time black…

and this one blue… lol. But seriously, one can always appreciate how immaculate their owners keep this classics. Must be fun trying to keep the rust off these babies.

Speaking of immaculate… Check out James Davis’s R32, Best JDM of the night… This thing is just too clean.

Ending Part Tres of OKGU coverage with the heart of James’s GTR… Wooooooosah…. holy mack boy.

Still got more coverage to share with you guys… As always, thanks for joining us here at HAFADAZE!


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