Proline’s End of Summer Meet 2015

August 11, 2015 10:29 pm

0-100 real quick update on Proline’s End of Summer meet… None of us were able to actually attend the event, but luckily car photog-extraordinaire P.Myer Basilio aka Admyerphotos snapped some up for us.

Starting off the coverage with Jung Kim’s S2000… because he’s rocking the HFDZ plate frames… and the decal… oh and if she doesn’t know who Jeri Lee is, she’s too young for you bro.

Seriously, if you don’t know who Jeri Lee is, look her up… She’s pretty much considered import car show model royalty. Last time she was here (I think) was during the Hot Import Nights shows we had in 2007-08ish. PS. Team Exile homies – can I get a shirt?

Art Certeza’s Lexus RCF on brushed candy apple red Avant Garde F421s. Ughhhh… Must be nice. That is all.

Ahhhh yes.

Olive Epitacio’s 1Jz S14 with that Big Country Labs GT wang!

Jimmy Mendoza’s RHD Instant G… 11 sec club or whaaaa?

…with that Jeri Lee wrapped hood. Well played my man.

There she is writing down her Vape mod list and juice Christmas wish list… lol

Rear shot for good measure… Another nicely done build by the S-chassis hoarder, Jimmy!

Some of the heavy hitters from Showoff Guam were in the house… T.Hashimoto/J.Flores from MTX…

Skyler Taitano’s Infiniti Q50s also on some brushed copper Avant Gardes. It’s only a matter of time before this is on air…

Josh Ninete’s Scion FRS which I believe he recently just boosted…

Steven.Gass’ IS300 sitting pretty…

The other local photog… Jed Espino in his TSX.

S2K from TRUSport…

Scion IQ from PassioNVIP/MTX…

Mark Deras’ S14.5 has definitely seen better days… Rebuild on the horizon? 😉

MR2 from Team Exile.

Hammered Mocha-cream Miata which I think is the same one which won the most slammed award at Offset Kings…

TC from Team Murata.

Another of Mark’s S14.5 with Rex Deseo’s Aristo…

Matt Gumabon’s Evo on Gram Lights… Such a clean car. Doesn’t need much.

AJ and Will’s Lexus IS series… Both show-stopping builds that need no reintroduction.

Rear shot of Dennis Vipdout’s Junction Produce GS…

Nate “TeamRamsay” Valencia’s LS430… Love how his car has progressed. It’s definitely on my top 5 list of favorite builds on Guam right now.

Fitment doe.

Also in my Top 5… AJ’s IS350. He rolled in on some Work Equips for the meet but I know he recently had some custom built rims on order. It doesn’t matter though, this car would look sick on anything… Even some sunken lime green pugua spit stained Rotas on Nankangs. Trust!

Minus whale…

Teah’s cleanly done up Camry…

Handful of Skylines roaming our streets nowadays… This one a 4 door, newly painted too! Ohhh kill ’em.

Ending Proline’s End of Summer meet coverage with a shot of this custom Power Wheels owned by Mark Deras’ son! Starting ’em young! 🙂

Big thanks and shoutouts to all the people who made this event possible: Proline, Stance Appeal, Murky’s Garage, Vipdout, Steve Hardy, Darryl Berace, and Paul-Myer Basilio, and DJ Sylnt! See you next year!

For the full gallery of pictures from the meet, please visit our Flickr account


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