Change is Good

March 23, 2015 8:06 pm

Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up one day and think to yourself… “I just feel like doing some stupid sh*t today…”? I remember a time exactly like that when I just felt like having a meal of my favorite foods… so I ordered Pochon wings, Fuji fried rice, and Hoa Mai lumpia for a meal. Had some pretty crazy craving… and it took a little work (the driving and waiting) before I could actually sit down and enjoy the meal… but when I finally was sitting there eating, savoring each bite… I couldn’t help but smile and think to myself that it was all worth it – the time, the gas, and the $25 were all small prices to pay for accomplishing my mission. Mr. Antonio Maldonado aka Tony M. felt that exact same way when finally completed this Civic build…. I think… lol

For those in the know, you may be familiar with Tony’s Civic… It was actually one of the cars we featured years ago when it was owned by someone else; I dubbed the write-up back then as “CTR-inspired.” Tony decided to go a completely different route – this time an SIR look, with his own personal styling cues.

First thing you’ll notice is the interior…


…also known as “JDM EK4 SIR” confetti seats to Honda heads… You really have to appreciate how clean of a car this is – check out the roof lining. Taya stains par. No need Doc’s Mobile or Stewart Auto Eco.

He went from 5-lug to 4-lug…  ARC Magic winglets added just for more JDM bling…

He of course had to go with 16″ Desmond Regamster Evos, possibly THE best looking wheels of all time for any model Honda.

Another shot of the exterior… Love how the Regas match up with the one-off HafaDaze banner (Motul flipped style). Custom paint – in case you were wondering is Mojave Mist – a stock Honda color found on the CRV.

Seen peeking here is a J’s Racing exhaust,  Skunk 2 tie bar and Function7 LCAs; Not seen are the Tein coil overs and OEM SI sway bar. Tony opted to stay with the CTR wing mated with J’s Racing tilt brackets to give it a slightly different angled look…

And of course the money shot… Tony played garbageman, cleaned up the bay, and went as far as swapping out the then existing B18C5 to a B16B… yeah, he cray like that. He did all the cleanup and wiring tucking in his own garage, so be sure to check him out if you need help and/or work done before he ships out later this year.

Tony completed transformed this Civic’s persona – as he did with his previous build, the “REAL SI.” Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Civic is with a brand new owner as Tony has moved on to a completely different platform, this time a brand spanking new Nissan XTerra which he has already began modding… He wonders why he didn’t get out of the Honda game sooner. Well, change is good sometimes… But we all know he’ll be back. 😉

Check out all of Tony’s Civic pictures in high-res on our Flickr… Special thanks once again to Jed Espino Photo for the pictures.


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