No Sun, No Care – Upshift’s Slammed Summer Meet 2014

August 3, 2014 5:27 pm

So there’s been a huge gap in car show/meet related stuff since AutoFiesta 2 in April… which isn’t surprising since the market for this kinda stuff has really died down in the past few years. It’s hard to say if the scene will ever make a year 2000’esque comeback, but we do know for sure is that there will always be a group of people around who are passionate about automotive culture. We saw this evident at last week’s Upshift Slammed Summer Meet. When the meet was first announced, I thought the venue was pretty damn cool –  Napa Paint & Safety – sitting right at the corner of Airport Road. The HafaDaze complete crew was unable to make the meet due to a very important prior engagement but our homie Paul-Myer Basilio from Admyerphotos was able to cover the event for us. Enjoy…

Sitting right up front was this badass 3-wheelin’ Impala; Man, seriously it would be cool to cruise down Marine Drive in this car slamming those hydros, blasting “Feels Good to Be a Gansta” by Geto Boys or “Regulate” by Warren G…

“ILLGETU” So cool seeing these type of builds out and about again…

A familiar face for sure… Rowell “From Hell” Santos from Team Abunai.

Jimmy Mendoza, also from Team Abunai, brought out his “new” right hand drive converted 240… he built this car pretty quickly after an unfortunate accident at the track with his previous 240.

Think I’ve said this in the past… but you can always count on Proline to be out and about supporting the meets and shows… Here’s Josh Ninete’s Scion FR-S. There’s some other coverage out there showing the beautiful  ladies from Uno Magazine giving his car a wash in the bikinis. Not sure how that worked out because it was raining pretty hard that day.

Unfinished Miata build from Team Exile…

No sun, no care. A quick shot of some of the car owners… I spy Dennis Lextasy, Marv Guaranteed, Art L. and Will L2P.

Will L2P in the background, followed by Marv Guaranteed, and Dennis Lextasy… #LexusOwnersofGuam

Dennis’ Junction Produce equipped Lex needs no introduction…

Neither does Marvin’s…

Will went back to his old Enkei NT03 wheel setup before he had the car painted… the last time we saw this car it was on some aggressive Volk TE37s. I can dig both… It’s also interesting to see that he has a “Hasback” tag up on the windshield – Hasback was was once a pretty big and well-known Honda crew from California a couple of years ago.

Tiffany Teal Toy on stocks and white-walls.

Gone Ol’ Skool… So mint!

Taya rust par… 😛

Last look at the bay… Cherry knerry.

Rex Deseo brought out one of the many cars sitting in his garage, this Rando lip kitted Lexus GS300 sitting on color-matched Varrstoens.

Scion TC from Team Murata which you may remember from our AutoFiesta 2 coverage…

Lots of old school at the Slammed Summer Meet… which included this VW Bug.

Datsun 280z which I believe is owned by Jeff Rios…

This car looks so menacing…

and it has the guts to back up it up; RB swapped…

Art Certeza brought out his AirLift Performance bagged Subaru WRX STI. His car has come together very nicely the past year!

Special edition Volk Racing TE37 SL Super Laps… JDM bling bling!

Clean Prelude on XXRs…

Jon DeVera’s Powerhouse Amuse kitted Nissan 370z – I had a chance to judge this car a couple of times at the car shows… and man you really need to see it up close to appreciate all the little details. In my opinion, he’s put together one of the best rides on Guam.

Another killer build… Robert Delos Reyes’ Lexus GS430 from MTX/CarAudioImage, the reigning Best of Show vehicle on Guam.

Shoutouts to the Passion VIP crew… always doing it big.

Skyler Taitano’s Airrex-equipped Kia Optima on Vossen CV4s.

Tom Akigami’s one of a kind Rocket Bunny 180sx with that killer kanagawa wave wrapped hood.

One last look at the Imapla…

Despite the baba weather, Upshift’s Slammed Summer Meet looked to be a great time. Much thanks and props to all the event organizers, sponsors, car owners, and spectators. There’s much more to come with Offset Kings just a couple of months away… Get ready, Guam!

Special thanks to Paul-Myer Basilio and Admyerphotos.

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Shoots, ONE.

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