JFK Autofest: Battle of the Autoclubs

May 23, 2012 5:30 pm

Sorry for the two week delay, but here we are, finally, with coverage from John F. Kennedy High School’s Autofest: Battle of the Autoclubs. I was actually pretty excited to check the show out, but I had to attend a wedding that particular day. JME was busy with school while Irwin was doing some work for the Ms. Guam World Pageant…. so I asked Alex if he could go and cover the show. I thought he would be tired or maybe even lazy after sitting all afternoon doing his Showtime Saturdays show with Initial V on 101.9 KTKB. Surprisingly, he was willing to make the trek up to the track and check it out.

The high school car shows always don’t’ always turn out as big as the “real” ones, but judging from the pictures – this one wasn’t too bad. Chris and the crew at Car Audio Image did a great job on trying their best to get the word out and help support the JFK High School community.

Rex Deseo was out again showing his drift ready R32 Skyline. HFDZ baby!

Team Abunai was also out showing their support.

Abunai~Jimmy brought out his infamous Supermade black stallion.

…and he also brought out his drag machine aka R35 Killer.


Mark Deras’ S14 w/S15 front end conversion. Love everything about this car. It may not be the prettiest, but it has a little bit of everything!

Shot of Mark’s SSRs. Be on the lookout for a FATLACE feature video of his car along with 9 other “stanced” Guam rides to be released in the coming weeks. Anton Ngata and crew were out last weekend shooting it. I’ll be posting up full coverage of it as soon as the video is released! Sorry, kinda got off topic there…

Pretty cool looking Corvette with the cage and nitrous….?

Clean RX8 owned by “Mistahjs Initials.”

My old Civic SI (with a new owner) and Jun Redline’s Integra. Hoping that the new owner of my Civic revives it. 🙁

Met the owner of this Z back at the original series of GU’NITEZ last year, but forgot who it was exactly. Sorry bro, lol. Been seeing it popping up at shows in different stages; should be good when it’s done.

Car Audio Image’s tent and lineup…

Don’t think I’ve seen this 240 around before…

MTX~Renz’s always clean G35.

Ill Dynasty always showing the scene love.

Last pic of the coverage… some of the MTX crew, chillin’.

Thank you to all the event goers, car owners, and sponsors for supporting the John F. Kennedy High School community!

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