The GU’NITEZ Session 3 (Part 2)

October 15, 2011 5:43 pm

Continuing right where I left off…. (if you missed part 1, scroll down…)

Tim showed up again and opened it up on the road to GPO… Ear ringing LOUD!

Another pic of Art’s G along with Philliam’s Integra.

HFDZ’s own… JME’s Integra.

Another pic of Journey’s K. Not too many of these on island right now.

EM trying to create a new trend – using your license plate as a sun visor. Sweet!

Another clean looking G37.

Random pic of people chillin on the sidewalk right in front of the big TV thingy.

Others inside more towards the Paul’s Plaza building itself.

Here are pics of people actually posing for pics… Some of the guys from Ill Dynasty.

Some of the MTX crew up near the Yardy’s truck.

Take 2 with more. Guy on the far right is pogi.

Team L2P Guam/Seattle/Japan. One of their guys posted on our Facebook page that their off island chapters would be at the meet… so it was really cool to see them out. In case you didn’t know Team L2P is a pretty big and well-known club in the “USDM-JDM “scene in Japan. I’ve seen some of their builds and it’s pretty safe to say that they can rival even some of the best builds in California and elsewhere in the states. Thanks for coming out!

All in all, it was GOOD freaking NITE once again. Every week we saw new and old faces… cars and more cars. Some stayed for a short time, others stayed the whole time. Our goal was always to provide a new way for enthusiasts to chill and have a good time. Our intent was NEVER to make any money – or to get anyone else to make money. It’s all for the love of the scene. The vibe was always good and I was pleased to see a new thing happening that I noticed didn’t happen as often when we had meets at Paseo years ago… people mingling outside of their comfort zones and actually getting conversations in. Yea, it’s something simple, but for some reason people here on Guam don’t feel “right” out of their respective groups/or car groups. It’s like an unspoken truth. I hope I’m not the only who notices it… haha. Anyway… we here at HAFADAZE hope to continue to hold more meets in the future so we can keep that good vibe going. We won’t be there next week Wednesday, but hey – if you guys want to show up there – go for it! 🙂

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out to the first series of meets and we hope to see you out there again in the future. We will be announcing our BIG plans soon, so please keep checking back here for more information.

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