The GU’NITEZ Session 3

October 14, 2011 8:30 pm

Hafa adai and thanks for visiting HAFADAZE! Here we are with Part 1 of the “last” GU’NITEZ aka Session 3. As we have been telling everyone, the meet this past Wednesday night was our last at the ITC-X Paul’s Plaza parking lot (for now). We have something big planned for October 31, 2011 – so save the date. Scroll down to our previous update and you will see what I mean.

So without further adieu, here it is…

The HFDZ crew was set to meet up with our friends from the Menace Fam at around 6:45 at the K-Mart parking lot. We got there a bit early so I went in with Arthug, Irwin, and Alex to grab some things that I needed since we were in the area. When we got back, there was a message for our resident photog written on his driver’s side doors…

Who would do such a thing? Gosh, pranksters nowadays.

Pedo bear likes this.

M2S~Ed V. rolled in. I always loved these X-Runners. As a matter of fact, I was strongly considering buying one before, but wasn’t able to jump on the truck for sale in time. Do a Google image search on X-Runner/Volk TE-37. :droooool.

Mike L.’s XB – First car I saw when I got into the lot. You may remember this car as one of the first features we did when we first opened up. He still has some crazy big plans for this, so be on the look out for it.

The GU’NITEZ continually attracts variety of rides – not just imports. Check out MTX~Raffy’s Hummer running some Procomps on 35s.

Parked right next to him was MTX-Eroll’s newer gen TC. Love the color on this one – sorta like a battle-ship gray, pastel kinda thing going on. Real clean.

MTX~Ron’s G37. Nice color choice.

Some of the guys from the Mitsuclubguam, chillin’. They finally got a pretty good spot this week – having had difficulties finding “good” parking the past two times. Sup Em. 😉

I was strolling around and saw this Hello Kitty themed Sentra. I thought it was a vinyl wrapped trunk lid, but sure enough it was painted on. Not my cup of tea, but pretty cool.

OGTEAL Integra parked in the area near the Yardy’s truck. Hard to see but he has the Hafadaze “Channel” sticker – also in teal – on the front windshield. Every time I see a Hafadaze decal on any car I feel like tearing. Thanks guys. 😛

(L-R) Liu Kang, Scorpion, Kabal, Baraka, me, Shang Tsung, Smoke, Mileena, and Justin Beiber.

haha… Seriously though, Alex snipered this shot around 7:30 when the meet was still semi-dead. It was weird seeing it that way because as we all know, the lot would usually be full by 6:59. But the closer it was to 8 and the times after – the parking lot became more and more populated.

Zoomed in…. rocking the Long Live shirt. Simple and clever design. Slick!

See what I mean? 🙂

Caught this RX7 which just arrived on island from California. Met the owner but his name completely slips my mind right now. Kinda feel like a jackass because he even bought a couple of stickers from me. My bad.

Another shot… timeless body lines on the FD models.

Caught up with Journey (owner of this K’d Civic) and J.K. aka Jung. Instead of talking about cars we somehow started talking about marriage and “playing house.” Yep, only at the GU’NITEZ.

Here’s J.K.’s S2K – no stranger to the GU’NITEZ. He’s been to every meet since we started up. Perfect attendance! Yehee!

Had a pretty large scooter convoy roll in that night as well.

Clean and simple Teg from L2P.

One of my favorite G37s on island owned by Art C. Very tastefully modded.

Cleannn Teg sitting on some Enkei J-Speeds owned by MTX~Mark.

That’s what’s up!

Saw a girl with a pink helmet on with like a baby tee wrapped around her umm… yea lower parts of her body, lol. Turned out to be the crew from 66 degrees, a local TV show that airs on Fox 6. Didn’t really get to talk much, but I think they were doing a feature on Yardy’s.

Not 100% sure, but probably the “only set” of CCWs on island.

Black on black on this older model Z.

Gotta give props to owners of classic cars like this one. Thanks for coming out!

Charley brought his neck breaking Integra again. Top quality build right here.

This Integra rolled up again… saw it real quick at the first GU’NITEZ but was too busy to even pay any attention to it. I’m gonna say it now – this was my favorite car of the night. When I first got into the modding scene, I had my old Lexus ES300 painted a very similar color. Talking to some of the people that night, the owner (I believe his name is Jay) was going for more of the clean “Euro” look. It was just refreshing to see this look on an Integra again. No JDM, no Hellaflush, no sticker bombs, just a nice paint job on some combo breakin’ rims.

Sooo, with all that said… Part 2 will have more pics of people who attended the meet, so please check back for the update later this weekend. Once again, thanks for coming out and continuing to support HAFADAZE!

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