The first GU’NITEZ! Part 1…

September 29, 2011 11:33 pm

Thank you all for the simply overwhelming turnout at our inaugural “GU’NITEZ” meet this past Wednesday night. We’ve been wanting to have a meet like this for a long time… a simple event in which interested automotive enthusiasts on Guahan could enjoy each other’s company and at the same time stuff their face with some great food.

The night started early for the Hafadaze crew. We all agreed to meet up at Irwin’s studio at 6:30 so that we could get ready and set up shop. It didn’t take us long to get down to the ITC-X as the studio was located just down the hill on Route 16. As we sorted out some logistics with the Yardy’s crew and were setting up the banner, we noticed a long line of cars signalling into the parking lot….

Made to Excite (MTX) was the first crew to make it into the lot of Paul’s Plaza. It was barely even 7pm yet (our event “officially” started at 8pm) and they took up a good portion of the middle of the parking lot.

Here’s what the parking lot looked like around 7:15… Paul’s was still open at the time. I saw Paul himself actually step out of the glass entrance doors and take a peek at what was going on a couple of times. I was afraid he was going to shit bricks but it looked like everything was ok to him. 🙂

The early bird catches the worm… Some of the MTX crew + Hafadazers chillen. Our main photogs IRWN and ALX had to leave the event early to do a gig somewhere. That left myself, JME, and RTHR with my cam…. which basically means that we didn’t get too many pics of much else because we suck at taking pics. 🙁

More people start trickling in… Caught this Integra owned by Julien “Beiber” who strolled in with his masters David and Connor from the M2S Menace Familia. Looks nice with the TE37s and the new Spoon touches.

Caught Marvin swaggering his way in with the Guaranteed Auto crew. Marvin’s Lexus has been getting a lot of attention lately both locally and over the world – catch his feature on StanceNation.


I’m going to go ahead and take this opportunity to be a bit narcissistic… pictured above is myself and Hafadaze sidekick Rochelle aka “Rohanna.” I’m pretty sure you guys saw me running around the whole night – fanny pack and all – thanking you for coming and trying to sell you stickers! haha. But really though – THANK YOU!! Much love!

Fast forward to 8-something. The parking lot was already at capacity. People were parking at the old Pat’s Window Tinting, across the street at FHP, at GPO… pretty much anywhere close to where the main parking of Paul’s Plaza is. Yardy’s was getting slammed pretty damn hard with orders. At one point there were only two of them in there. Kinda felt sorry for them but happy at the same time because they were absolutely killing it that night. They just tweeted a couple of hours ago that the GU’NITE was their BEST night ever at the ITC-X. Word.

Yep, the lot was so full that this particular person went ahead and did some curb climbing to exit… Yeah! If you were there, you would know that there were no more parking spaces way before our official event start time. Hella people, hella cars, hella good time…

…So good that this guy heard about our event on Facebook and drove all the way down from Ohio.

Another clean Evo I spotted in the far right corner of the lot…

The night was still young, the lot was at capacity, people were buzzing, and people passing by were wondering WTF was going on? I was still in politician mode; If were running for senator, I probably would have won that night! haha! I got more pics and commentary coming up… Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the inaugural Hafadaze GU’NITEZ meet!


  • Tricia,
    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Sadly, we don’t control what Yardy’s serves to eventgoers. We simply wanted to hold an event where car enthusiasts could hang out, chill, and grab some grub. I had the tacos that night as well as many other nights before and never had any problems. Sorry for your experience.

    • tricia

      no problem! of course i understand! just gonna hang/chill and bring my food next time, lol! till next week….

  • tricia

    dude, i got food poisoning that nite after one ‘hot beef taco’….it was definitely the taco! didnt take even 10 minutes after consumption to feel that aching pain at the top of your stomach, cant hardly talk or breathe cause it hurt. i had to split. we had stopped by mcdonalds on our way home and i couldn’t even eat a nugget. i couldn’t eat anything after that. i couldn’t hack it and went straight home. i made my home made remedy for stomach ache/flu and thank got it worked by next morning. even had the greenish runs…ewwwwwwww..sorry had to tell u..anyway..will never go back to yardy’s and in fact if u check out ur thread on DG you will see some others w/ opinions on their food…

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