The GU’NITEZ have arrived.

September 26, 2011 9:00 pm

Countdown: 2 days. The GU’NITEZ have finally arrived. We’ve been “planning” this for awhile now, so we’re hoping that the turnout is going to be pretty good. Actually, we’ve heard rumblings that most of the major crews on Guahan are going to be rolling out. One thing that most seem to be worrying – or talking about – is the size of the venue. Yes, we are concerned about the small size. We never anticipated that we would garner this much interest… Honestly, when we first thought about starting one up, we would have been happy with 20 people showing up. Now, the word has spread faster than stripper legs at Club USA when a ship docks. I was at a professional development training for work on Monday morning when Guam PDN gave me a call… I was pretty surprised that they would even consider giving this event a feature on Cruising – since we never even actually had one yet. After the article came out, co-workers who know nothing about the car scene here were asking me about the meet. They were congratulating me and all about my… or should I say our “car show.” 😉 Here’s the link to the article if you haven’t seen it yet: GU’NITEZ in the PDN.

Everything is pretty much set. Yardy’s is expecting a bigger crowd… so I guess they have ordered some extra stock of food for that night. I really just want to remind everyone that please do not act like idiots – YES, PDN quoted me on that…. hahaha! Don’t litter (cig butts, contraceptive wrappers, sticker paper after installing your newly purchased Hafadaze stickers, etc.) and don’t burnout or drive like you’re a 16 year old on crack.

Yes, we have a new batch (including our new logo design) of Hafadaze stickers printed out courtesy of the boys at Hafa Adai Signs. We’ll be selling them at the meet, so please don’t hesitate to come up to one of us and ask! Supplies are limited so don’t sleep on it!

Come on time to guarantee yourself a spot. First come, first serve. Do not park on the handicap stalls please…. unless of course you have a legit placard.

Lastly, let’s keep this meet nice and civil – a chill meet with great company, great cars, and great food. Leave the drama at home, Stay Friendly, and let’s all live the good life at the GU’NITEZ. 😉

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