Formula Drift in Sin City

September 5, 2011 2:38 pm

Las Vegas is averaging 105 degree weather nowadays and it sure didn’t help that the Formula Drift Series brought the heat on Saturday, August 27, 2011. Hundreds in attendance at the multi-feature show, including Hafadaze all-stars who quite frankly, couldn’t help but say “Oh my Gahhhh” at every single thing we saw that night.

Throwin’ up the shaka!

The event was packed with everything from imports, to muscle cars, vendors, and of course, drifting! The family-friendly event showcased import cars who — if you follow the scene — are not unfamiliar.

Chivas’ Civic SI with those aggressive fitting CPRs.

Be on the lookout, we’ll be doing a full feature on this sick whip from the Lowballers crew.

Can’t go wrong with a Bimmer man! Function and form at it’s finest.

Blinging set of Volks on this newer-gen Civic.

Couple of clean looking Toyotas.

Vendors made it extra exciting by offering free giveaways at their respective booths. Dodge had two Challengers packing passengers for a drift session, Need For Speed had a video game booth along with a dance off, and just about every booth had some sexy babe that wanted some of Hafadaze… or.. well at least that’s what we’d like to believe.

IRWN posing with some tatas and getting “alpha as fuck.” You can see also see Alpha from Power Rangers in the background. He kinda looks different these days…

ayi yi yi yi yi


And of course, how could we forget the Formula Drift Series. This race was the 2nd to last of the series, where they will finish it off in Irwindale, California. I’ve personally never watched a drift session before, but apparently this is how it works: You got a car, you make it go sideways and make the crowd go “whoaaa” after almost hitting a wall, and then after the race, you unzip your cool-looking race suits and all these girls wanna be your girlfriend. Pretty cool huh?

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