Car Town Brings Us Closer to Our Dreams

August 16, 2011 6:33 am

(Note: It brings us closer to our dreams, but that’s as far as it goes..)

You’ve always wanted an Acura NSX, but you could never afford one. So you go to your local game shop and find a game called Gran Turismo, which looks affordable, turns out you still need a Sony Playstation 3, which sadly, you still could not afford. Well we do know one thing, you have a computer, or at least access to one – and don’t lie, because you’re reading this article right now.

The infamous Car Town app on Facebook gives enthusiasts (and dreamers for that matter) a feel of what life would be like with all the money in the world. With roughly 6 million monthly users, the free application puts users behind the wheels of a vehicle of choice along with customizable options that allow personalization for a one of a kind look – and yes, there are ricers in here too.

I accidentally stumbled across the game in a desperate attempt to end boredom and found myself stuck on it like my first time on Farmville. The first few minutes of the game can get a little confusing which could also be discouraging, but after you get through those first few minutes, you’ll see how much fun it could be. Pictured above is my ’07 Hafadaze Style Silverado.  Along with the option to customize the design of your car, the app tickles your tuner-muscle with a wide-range of wheel choices, engine modifications, and even ride height.  Of course I’ve never owned a truck before, but I’ll tell you, I feel pretty badass after making this one. (Omg, what did I just say..?)

You’ll eventually find out who’s hooked on the game among your friends — then you’ll realize you’re not alone. There’s a race feature that allows you to challenge your friends to a “drag race” based on your reaction time. Some friends like to be cool and use CLASS A cars vs. my CLASS D cars, but again, it’s all about dreaming, right? (WHAT)

The objective of the drag race is to gain points based on reaction time. In order to do so, you “shift” when appropriate using the left clicker on your mouse. Just like a real drag race, the 3 yellow lights flash followed by the green, based on your reaction time, you gain points. The closer you are to the right reaction time, the higher amount of points you accumulate. You click a total of 4 times per race: Launch, 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, and 3rd Gear.

Immediately after the race you clap your hands,say yes!, and celebrate — or you slap your hands together and say f…reak damnit. Often mistakes I make is launching too early which results in a “FOUL” automatically losing the race, or going for the perfect reaction time and missing the proper shift resulting in points being deducted.

Ahh, Spoon CRZ with Mag Blue RE30’s… Yep, that’s mine, I made that. (You see what I mean? I need to get a life..)

I originally wanted to go over all the features of this application in one article, but instead I opted to go over some of the things I found fun about the app. You can manage your own shop, become a professional racer and place yourself on a leader board amongst your friends, or even deliver pizzas. There are a lot of elements in the game that could entice you to play — you gotta try it for yourself.

So if you’ve got spare time and find yourself, I don’t know, snooping around other people’s Facebook pages? Give this app a shot instead, you’ve got nothing to lose. While you’re at it, add me on Facebook and stroll by my shop:, shoot me a race and I’ll thank you for the 500 gold coins!

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