July 26, 2011 11:06 am
HD: Hi Rochelle. ASL?
RA: I’m Rochelle Anne, (xx) Yes, I live in Upper Tumon.
HD: Yes? What do you mean?? 😉 Occupation?
RA: Nevermind! I currently do modelling and will be pursuing higher education at the University of Guam.

HD: That’s awesome! Biba UOG! Biba Guahan…. So going straight to the point here, are you single or taken?
RA: Well, I’m currently in a relationship… Just recently, haha

HD: Just recently as in like last week? Tell me some stuff about the opposite sex.
RA: Well.. I don’t talk to creepy guys. I have to really get to know the dude first. Believe it or not, I’ve barely had any real “dates” haha.
HD: Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty real dates in the future; I’m sure. How did you get into modelling?
RA: I started off in the Philippines. The first few photoshoots were for fun, then I realized how much I liked what I was doing. Thank God I met IRWN! So when I went to Guam, I started to do shoots with him. Then it all just kept coming after that.

HD: So what do you like doing when you have free time?
RA: I like eating… sleeping… “trying” to workout…
HD: Hmm, how about in this order: “eating,”… “working out,”… and then “sleeping…” hubba hubba! 😉
RA: Ai sus, crazy!

HD: You like that huh?! How about this… boxers or briefs?
RA: NONE OF COURSE! hahaha just kidding. I don’t freeball… anymore *ahem, boxers!
HD: Got pics?

HD: Have any pet peeves?
Pet peeve? Uh… My mom. HAHA I’m kidding. People with body odor. People with absolutely no respect. People who downtrip when everyone else is having a good time. People who don’t know how to appreciate.

HD: How about some things that gets your “motor” running?
RA: I think it’s a turn-on when guys smell good oh! and girls, too.
HD: Good? Like coconut oil?
RA: ….

HD: Tell us about an awkward moment you’ve experienced.
RA: My most awkward moment was when I was in the Ms. Lakambini Pageant. It’s one of those Philippine pageants that was held at my high school. Well, first, the host skipped my name. Second, when they finally called me up on stage, I tripped on the mic and fell down in front of the whole audience. Total FML moment.
HD: Definitely, hope you weren’t freeballing then… I hoped you were. Pics? 😉

HD: We here at Hafadaze LOVE food. What’s your favorite?
RA: I loveeeee Japanese food! Favorite restaurant? Probably any Japanese restaurant hahaha.

HD: If we saw you out, where would you be and what would you be drinking?
RA: I’m usually out on the weekends, but I don’t frequent the clubs too much. I’ll be where my friends are at. Alcohol? I’ll stick to chocolate soy milk!

HD: What do you think of the automotive tuning world?
RA: I don’t drive yet, sadly. 🙁 Modified cars? Well I think it’s great if people modify their cars because it’s something yours. You worked for you car and after all the hard work, you’d be proud to say it’s really “yours.”

HD: Thanks for sitting down with us Rochelle, do you have any shoutouts you would like to make?
RA: Shoutouts to my mom and to all the photographers I worked with! To Shari Devera, my partner in everything. Special thanks to Irwin Tumbucon for helping me get to the top! THANK YOU GUYS, I LOVE YOU ! I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you guys!

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Rochelle Ann is a Hafadaze sidekick who works with resident photog, Irwin Tumbucon. You may have seen and met her at UPSHIFT Stancefest 1. She is currently participating in the Ms. Guam World Pageant.

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