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Alright, in case you’ve been living UNDER a rock (not ON… wah wah wah) the past month or two… I am going to tell you again about UPSHIFT STANCEFEST, presented by the Guam Drifting Association, Stance Appeal, and all the great sponsors you see on the flyer to your right!  The event takes place at the Guam International Raceway’s newly paved pit area and 1/4 mile oval track. Clear your schedule on Sunday, July 3 2011, because you absolutely positively do not want to miss this! If your boss doesn’t want to give you an off that day, touch your daggan and scratch your eyes as much as you can the night before so you wake up with pink eye! I know I would! 😉 This event is going to be a special one for us because we will be awarding a “HAFADAZE.COM WHAT! PICK OF THE SHOW.” The vehicle that suddenly makes our pants get tighter near our lower extremities will receive this special award. The winner will be presented with a trophy and will receive a special feature here on our website. So participants, bring the HEAT because we all know Lebron James didn’t!

** Here is the link to the  official Facebook event invite:
Please click “ATTENDING!” ^^^ Event information is located here, including the time, how to join, entry forms, etc. Check it out! **

So what is this “stance” stuff all about? I’m no expert by any means, but I have been following the movement for awhile now. The local scene and the masses have recently been adopting this style of car tuning with the advent of of companies and websites like Fatlace/Hellaflush/Illest, Canibeat, and StanceNation, to name a few. Even before these companies and websites came out, Japanese tuners were placing wider rims on their FR-platformed vehicles for performance reasons. In order for them to fit these ridiculously crazy offsetted, wider rims on their cars, they would have to not only do body modifications, but also stretch their tires to shove those babies in. Over time, this movement was adopted by other platforms not for function, but for style… Some examples:

It’s from the states! Stance: Low + aggressive fitting wheels/tires.

Here’s a local example: Integra from Toyz R Us. CCW rims, ballin…!

M2S~Myk/Shine’s Corolla… which was one of the first cars we featured here on Hafadaze.

This Beemer has the more functional “stance.”

“Stanced-out” cars can just look straight up badass, functional or not. Be sure to come out to the show on July 3rd to scope out some of the island’s best. The crew will be there with maybe some stickers in hand. We will definitely keep you updated!

Before anyone goes berzerk on me about my brief history lesson about “stance”…I’m just sharing what I know. haha! If I’m wrong or am missing some information, please feel free to correct and or inform me using the comment box. We’re very open here at Hafadaze and we would love for some open discussion. Si yu’os ma’ase!

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