Muy Calienteeeee!

June 8, 2011 8:28 am

Tucked in the heart of Hagatna amidst various private and government offices sites a little building that from a distance, looks somewhat like a house in Machanao. However, as you come closer, step outside your vehicle, spit your chew, and take a seat in this homey hole in the restaurant – be prepared to be taken to Mexican cuisine heaven.

Oh man, just check out that California burrito. This thing is fatter than the pig your uncle has been saving for your nephew’s christening. With your choice of meat (carne asada!), this burrito is packed with so much chow I guarantee you will feel your love handles growing as you eat… partnered with the house hot salsa, adventurous diners and Mexican food aficionados both will love this.

Taquitooooos. Selenassssss approved.

This is what you call a quesadilla. I ten you to kol tem now an ten orter tet foot becuz its fery kud aka call up Caliente now and order some food because it’s very good!


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