Truong’s Restaurant

January 11, 2011 7:52 am

Truong’s Restaurant
Location: Right under Magix Stix
Upper Tumon
Words: ONE
Flicks: Irwin

HAFADAZE! Truong’s Vietnamese Restaurant has always been one of my favorite places to bokaaaaa! Located conveniently in Upper Tumon, Truong’s is the perfect place to grab some high-quality food at an affordable price. Their menu has the ‘usual’ that every Chinese/Viet/Thai restaurant has – fried rice, combination soup, lumpia, etc.

The HafaDaze crew visited Truong’s right after Irwin’s makeover (make sure you check that article out) and as you can see in the pics we all got some yammmmmmy chow.What sets Truong’s apart from the rest is the freshness and presentation of their dishes. I ordered chicken broccoli. Truong’s version does not include the brothy, slimy kinda sauce we’re used to seeing at other places. The sauce and chicken is perfect while the brocolli isn’t overcooked and soft; it’s cooked just enough that it maintains its crunch and all the important vitamins and minerals haven’t been cooked away. The little touches like the black pepper, fresh onions, and fried garlic toppings make the dish that much more appealing to your palette. Cherry! Maila ta fan boka!!!

Irwin got the porkchops and I really did not get much feedback from him because he was just way too busy stuffing his face like he had not eaten since ever since Sirena’s mom was calling her to go home. However, I did ask for a bite of it… and it was tender and flavorful. You can’t go wrong with porkchops here!

The other half had the infamous beef salad – and it is exactly what it’s called – sautéed/marinated beef on top of a bed of fresh veggies. Genious. Again, this is another dish you can’t go wrong with. Lots of flavor and just pure happiness with each and every bite!

Let me tell you this, every soup at Truong’s is da bomb. The broth itself is light and the protein ingredients they throw in aren’t just some de-boned chicken drumsticks. They also give you a side of calamansi…. And man that calamansi just enhances the flavor!!! So good. Another must try.

Customer service? Can’t really say much about it, it’s the usual kinda service you get at all other Asian-themed restaurants on island. The ambiance is appealing, nice furniture and a couple of paintings around. I didn’t even bother to observe anything else because I was just so into the food… and that’s a good thing. HafaDaze gives Truong’s 5 out of 5 Spam cans!

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