Irwin’s makeover at Zheng’s Studio

January 7, 2011 8:33 pm

Zheng’s Studio
Guam Plaza Hotel (Lobby Level)
Phone: 649-3281

HAFADAZE! As random as we are, I was joking with Irwin (our main photographer) about a possible makeover for him… it is the new year you know! So we thought of the perfect studio aka beauty salon aka barbershop aka man-scaping spot. Irwin prefers the full head of hair style, a regular trim. I somehow was able to convince him (well his wife, hahaha) to chop off the tangantangan hair. The torn, one size too big, t-shirt and sweatpants remained unfortunately…

Here you see Zheng and Irwin bonding right before the boonies up top gets bushcuttered. So who’s this Zheng dude? I was introduced to Zheng by a friend a couple of years ago (thanks Davey) after I was tired of getting the usual buzz cut. Some readers might remember him as the guy who you can watch cut hair from Studio 211’s window near the entrance of the Micronesian Mall theaters.

Zheng is particularly known for the variety of styles he can do when cutting men’s hair (although he can do women too, heh). Full mohawks, fauxhawks, Japanese fauxhawks… FBLG Hawks… any type of hawk this guy can cut! If you’re one of those chel’us who wants to stick out, this guy can freehand draw and style the Marianas Islands on the side of your head with precision. Today, Irwin decided to go with a simple fauxhawk.

Zheng hard at work here… Also just wanted to point out that clock on the upper right of the picture. Doesn’t have to do with anything but that is one of the cherriest clocks I have ever seen. Doesn’t look that great in the pic, but it has some type of woodgrain, see-through, holographic, 3-d face. I bet even Governor Calvo can’t get his hands on one of those! It’s something that I can’t help but stare at it every time I give Zheng a visit. Anyway….

Zheng’s has since relocated and opened his own shop in the Guam Plaza Hotel in Tumon. It’s small compared to where he used to be… but size doesn’t matter, right? A regular men’s haircut, clean-up shave, and massage is $18. Let me tell you, the head massage he gives at the end is probably the best part… eye rolling status. Trust!

He even gives you a shampoo immediately after so that way you don’t have to feel that itch when driving home or heading out after. Some might think that the price is a bit steep for a haircut. However, we think it’s well worth it for the slick job and great service he provides. If you want to check him out, make sure you call first. His appointment book fills up with the quickness!

Clean on the side!

I know I’m 9 months early… but Happy Halloween! hahaha

Zheng’s Studio is HafaDaze approved!


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