The Black Stallion

December 30, 2010 9:20 am

Owner: Jimmy Mendoza
Car: 1991 Nissan 240sx
Club Affiliation: Team Abunai

If Nissan had strictly made a 180/240/Silvia etc. dealership on Guam, Jimmy Mendoza would probably behind the wheel. This ever-modest Nissan tuner has owned more 240s than we have Chinese restaurants on island! HafaDaze is proud to feature this particular black stallion from his stable of one of Nissan’s most popular modified platforms.

You will find this sleek black coupe strolling patrolling the Northern streets of Guam on some aggressive Volk Racing GT-C wheels (F: 18×8 +20, R: 18×10 +10). You’ll also notice that he pulled the rear fenders to fit those bad boys in the rear. Jimmy went Tein crazy on his suspension work, sticking with products from their lineup including: an HE suspension, inner and outer tie rods, and front and rear strut bars.

With just those mods, Jimmy’s coupe would have already turned heads. But he wasn’t finished. He sourced an S13 Silvia front end conversion, dumping the classic flip up lights that many of us are used to seeing. He also added a full V-Speed body kit and gave it a fresh jet black respray. A set of Signal Auto side mirrors allow Jimmy to see clearly if any boonie dogs are chasing him as he rumbles through the back road near Andersen Air Force Base. Rounding out his exterior modifications are a slew of Origin pieces including: a roof spoiler, trunk lip spoiler, taillights, crystal clear corner lights, and clear signal lights.

Unlike the exterior, Jimmy kept the interior fairly simple. He added a set of S14 seats, a 7” single din in-dash player and an Infinity component set. When asked if he had anything else in the interior, he played it modest once again and said, “That’s it, chel’lu.” I wasn’t convinced. Upon further examination, I found he had also a deep-dish, old-skoolin’ OMP steering wheel and a Type R-style red stitched shift boot (he has some Honda blood!). And let me tell you this… a super CLEAN, untouched interior; we’re talking about an almost 20 year old car here!

Performance wise, Jimmy kept it simple with just an Injen intake and an Apex’i 3” exhaust. When asked if he would drop an SR20 in it, he modestly replied that he wasn’t going too… because he already had one in another 240 at home. Be on the lookout for that kabesa on Friday nights flexing it’s muscles like the guys on the Chamoru strength shirts at Kmart.

Shoutouts: Wifey [Rie Carlos], Mom & Pops, HafaDaze, frent Juanito and Irwin for doing the shoot… and the crew from Team Abunai. And also to all the car clubs keeping the import scene alive!


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