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December 30, 2010 9:23 am

Owners: Myk & Shine Carganilla
Cars: His – 2005 Honda Civic; Hers – 2010 Toyota Corolla
Club Affiliation: Menace 2 Society

Our first “kareta kulture” feature is none-other than self-proclaimed “Mr. JDM King” Myk Carganilla’s rides. Let me rephrase that…. Myk and Shine Carganilla’s rides; a his and hers feature! It was fitting that they got this month’s cover story mainly because our theme seems to be “NEW.” Everything is new. The website. The features. The articles… and that transcends into Myk and Shine’s life; They recently tied the knot and welcomed a new bundle of joy to the world. (Congrats guys.) The newness theme also goes onto their two vehicles – Myk’s 2005 Honda Civic and Shine’s 2010 Toyota Corolla.

Honda heads on island have probably seen Myk’s Civic complete it’s transformation in recent months. It’s hard to miss this one-of-a-kind Civic on the road. Yes it’s a Civic, but this Civic is like no other that has rolled through Guam’s never-ending under construction roads. To help traverse the gauntlet (aka Marine Corps Drive), Myk chose to install a set of Ground Control coilovers along with 2-choice on rims for fi dolla.: 16” SSR Type Cs or 15” Enkei 92s with either Kyokugen or Rays Engineering lugs. Rounding out the suspension bling are Function 7 rear control arms , a Beaks lower tie bar and a Wicked Tuning camber kit. Baller.

The once stock body of the Civic was outfitted with a plethora of parts including: JDM HOP (Honda Optional Parts) headlights, taillights, grill, and front lip. Type A sideskirts and a matching rear lip finish up the slick body lines of this hardly-modified generation Civic. You probably will notice the numerous lights Myk decided to outfit his ride with including: OEM front and rear side markers, foglights, and a rear foglight make his ride bright enough to light up your back yard during a power outage.

His motor is fairly stock, maintaining legendary Honda reliability with a Tenzo R short ram intake, a 4-1 Megan Racing header and a Tanabe Hyper Medallion cat-back exhaust. Inside you’ll find that he kept it just like his motor, simple mods like Mugen pedals, and various gauges add enough personalization to make the car his own. Those who know Myk know that Myk’s car is not his ‘own’ without some window shaking, ear bleeding sounds. He installed JBL 6 ½ speakers in the front and rear, 3” SPL tweeters, and a pair of 12” Audiobahn subwoofers. Ever hear that reggae song with the guy mumbling through the verses and all you can understand is “smokeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeed?” It plays perfectly with his setup.

Once the Civic was just about complete, Myk and Shine began looking for a daily driver. Aince they were expecting a new child, the ever-reliable and affordable Corolla caught their eye. What originally was supposed to just be a rim and drop combo, turned into another complete transformation. I would tell you all about it, but since this is getting a bit too lengthy… I’ll end it here and just give you the mod lists! Sa I’m tired prim and I need to head to my tsik’s house! Esta!

Myk’s Shoutouts: “Mad props to my lovely wife Shine! To Mom and dad, thanks for giving me life in this world. To my handsome sons Adrian and Caeden Michael, I love you guys! To Juan Serrano for this article… and Irwin Tumbucon for the pics. Big thanks to my BFF for life Felino Quejado, Menace 2 Society, LA’s Garage, Car Audio Image Guam, Team Scion, and to the rest I  didn’t mention. Payceeee!”

Shine’s 2010 Toyota Corolla

  • OEM XRS black housing headlights
  • OEM bumper guard
  • OEM roof wing
  • OEM trunk spoiler
  • OEM mud guards
  • Custom fabricated eyelids
  • Weather-tech window visors
  • LED reflector/brake light
  • Depo foglights
  • Wings West lip kit
  • TRD emblems
  • Xentec HID kit


  • LED blue door sills
  • TRD shift knob


  • 18” Tenzo-R DC-6 rims
  • 225/45/18 Nankang tires
  • D1 Spec lugnuts


  • Jensen-VM9223 7” double din multimedia receiver
  • 2x SPL 8.8” wide active matrix tft/lcd headrest monitors
  • 2 front 6 ½  3 way JBL GTO
  • 2 rear 6×9 3 way JBL GTO
  • 1 JBL GT5 10” subwoofer with ported ground breaker box
  • 1 SPL FX Series 2ch. 800 watt amp

Myk’s 2005 Honda Civic


  • Tenzo R short ram intake
  • 4-1 Megan Racing header
  • Tanabe Hyper Medallion catback exhaust


  • JDM (HOP) headlights
  • JDM (HOP) taillights
  • JDM (HOP) front grill
  • CDM rear foglight
  • OEM front side markers
  • OEM rear side markers
  • OEM window visor
  • OEM front and rear red ‘H’ emblem
  • OEM front lip
  • OEM mud guards
  • OEM foglights
  • OEM folding mirrors
  • Mugen tilt plate
  • RS rear deck spoiler
  • RS rear roof spoiler
  • Type-A side skirts
  • Type-A rear lip
  • Xentec HID kit


  • JDM cluster silver face
  • OEM red stitch shiftboot
  • OEM shift knob
  • Mugen pedals
  • Autogauge tachometer
  • Volt/air-fuel gauge
  • Wink mirror (custom by Swival)


  • 15” Enkei 92s
  • 16” SSR Type C rims
  • Kyokugen/Rays Engineering lugnuts
  • Ground Control coilovers
  • Wicked Tuning camber kit
  • Function 7 Billet aluminum rear control arms (Version 3)
  • Beaks rear lower tie bar


  • JVC-KDPDR 80 WMA/MP3/USB player
  • Pioneer-DEQ7600 15 band digital signal processor equalizer
  • 3” SPL tweeters
  • 2 12” audiobahn with custom ported box
  • 2 front 6 ½  3way JBL GTO
  • 2 rear 6 ½  3way JBL GTO
  • JBL 1 ch. 1200 watt amp
  • Phoenix Gold 4ch. 600 watt amp
  • Rockford capacitor
  • 4 gauge wiring kit


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