Go gree….WHITE!

December 29, 2010 9:57 pm

Owner: Michael Libardos
Car: 2006 Scion XB
Club Affiliation: none

Another white car. Michael Libardos will tell you that simple and white is where it’s at right now. With cars and with ermmmm…. Women. 😉 ? But let’s keep it strictly kareta kulture right now! Michael, a student at Guam Community College, originally purchased his XB off the lot at Atkins Kroll. This car is his first car, his first love, his first everything. Those of us in the modding scene, know how we will always cherish and remember our first real ride. We’ll always keep the car clean. We’ll wash it on Saturday morning… and drive it to the mall… get rained on… then drive it home and wash or wipe it down again. Rains again on Sunday? Repeat the same process! Michael became one of those tuners, keeping his ride clean with great diligence.

With the help of his brother Mark, who resides in Hayward, California, Michael was able to tastefully modify his XB. He started off with Tein S-tech lowering springs to help close the wheel gap created when he installed his 16” Sportmaxx XXR 501s in 7-day bracelet gold. Hotchkis sway bars and a Greddy strut bar were also bolted on to help with the body roll he experienced every time he tried to take Latte Heights curve at warp speeds (lol). Michael kept the motor work simple, bolting on an Injen intake, a Strup header, and a Greddy TiC exhaust.

Michael’s XB was originally forest green. However, through numerous run-ins with sloping driveways, speedbumps, and flying rocks, Michael brought his ride to Guaranteed Auto in Harmon. There, the crew respsrayed the car in a bright pearl white. The paint job, along with a OEM foglights and a Cali style wing, improve the car’s outer appearance. Other off the wall modifications include the crystal air-con knobs (leche!) and the outrageous-looking, slanted license plate (double leche-flan). Michael is happy with the progress of his ride and he has even more plans in the future…. And let’s just say the next mod is going to be another kaduku one! Stay tuned.

Shoutouts: “I’d like to give thanks to my brother Mark for sourcing all my parts and being my trouble-shooting mechanic. Also, thanks to Guaranteed for the sick paint!”

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